The Maxim Shkil Charitable Foundation cares for children deprived of parental care for their full development and improvement of their future.

To provide those deprived of parental care the opportunity to fully develop, with the help of integrated development programs, and also to feel support, warmth, love and care.

Children are our future. Regardless of the circumstances and conditions in which they stood, they all need developmental lessons, master classes, excursions and research activities. One of the Foundation's objectives is identifying and developing the intellectual abilities of children.

Being engaged in the arts, the children of orphanages get great pleasure. Indeed, this is how they show their individuality. Singing, drawing or acting roles under the guidance of professionals, our children are involved in the beautiful.

The Foundation is working on increasing the overall physical culture by popularizing sports through the construction of sports grounds and corners in orphanages, holding competitions between children's teams, supporting talented athletes and sponsoring trips to national and international competitions.