By raising children, we bring up the future history of our country, therefore the history of the world.

The Foundation's activities are intended to help children who have been in difficult circumstances. To form personal values in them. To inspire a healthy lifestyle, and to learn and develop their talents.

With the development of his own business and the emergence of opportunities to help others, Maxim Shkil fulfilled his long-standing idea of creating his own Charity Foundation. The main activity of the Foundation is to help children, the most vulnerable layer of the population. It is worth noting that the events organized by the Foundation are financed exclusively by Maxim Shkil's own resourses.

The Maxim Shkil Charity Foundation has introduced various programs for the development of children. These programs are aimed to boost children’s interest in the educational process. They also provide vocational guidance of adolescents and assistance to the most capable students in further development.

Each child has a unique talent. The creative development programs launched by the Maxim Shkil Charity Foundation are designed to discover and develop children's abilities. Also to inspire new creative achievements.

A nation of sports is a healthy nation. The Maxim Shkil Charity Foundation promotes sports among children and young people. It establishes playgrounds in orphanages, conducts active team games and assists aspiring athletes.

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